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Welcome Back!

Posted by Mr Matthews on September 1, 2014

I hope you have all had a great summer. I’m looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow 🙂

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Bye bye 4M!

Posted by Mr Matthews on June 15, 2013

Hola 4M

I am so glad you all enjoyed sports day on Friday.  I had a fantastic last day watching you all!  Thank you so much for the lovely book you made me and for the chocolates……I have eaten most of them already…oops!!!

You are such a great class and it has been a pleasure to teach you all.  I will miss you very much but I will be back to visit very soon!

Bye for now…….

Miss. Gatland

P.S. Be good for Mr. Matthews on Monday!


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Is the weekend over already?

Posted by Mr Matthews on May 12, 2013

Hi 4m!!!!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend even though it has been very rainy!  We have got lots of exciting things planned this week……

Monday – We will be starting our last week of work on Mufaro’s beautiful daughter…..and we are going to have a go at some more acting as you were so good last week! (Remember your P.E. kits!)

Tuesday – Lots of maths and swimming….don’t forget your swimming trunks!  Also remember you must hand in your homework today!

Wednesday – We will get to look at some more simulations and in history we are going to learn all about Henry VIII.

Thursday – P.E. outside and then spanish!  Hola!!!!!

Friday – we will be doing our own experiments to find out about how plants grow well……

See you bright and early tomorrow 4m!

Miss Gatland_Meillandine__Rose_in_clay_pot



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Posted by Mr Matthews on May 7, 2013

This half term our topic in ICT is simulations.  Last week we talked about what simulations are and what they are used for.  Then we had a go at the duck builder game which we all really enjoyed!


This week we are comparing different simulations.  Here are the links to the simulations I want you to use –

Post your findings on this blog entry.

Think about

– How are they similar?

– How are they different?

- What is the purpose of these simulations?

– How useful are they?



Miss Gatland

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Maths today!

Posted by Mr Matthews on May 7, 2013

Today in maths we did some work on co-ordinates, translations and word problems.

Here are the links to the games we played for you to try at home!

See you tomorrow!

Miss Gatland

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More Simulations….

Posted by Mr Matthews on May 1, 2013

Now you have made your duck fly…have a go at these science simulations. Think about what variables you can change and how these change the outcome (what happens!)/

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Pie Charts!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Mr Matthews on April 23, 2013

This morning we have been looking at interpreting pie charts. 

Here is another example for you to try.

I asked 4M what their favourite colours were.  This pie chart on the right hand side shows the results.  There are 30 children in 4M.

Estimate the fraction of children who said that purple was their favourite colour.

Is the following statement TRUE or FALSE?

‘There are 18 people in the class whose favourite colour is not red or purple’.

Post your answer!

Can you ask any of your own questions about this pie chart?  Post your questions so that Plymouth Groves bloggers can have a go at answering them!

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What do you know about the terrible Tudors?

Posted by Mr Matthews on April 23, 2013

Next week in our class Miss Gatland will be teaching us about the terrible Tudors. What do you know about them already? Leave your comments here!!!

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Making a Prezi Presentation

Posted by Mr Matthews on April 17, 2013

Here is the link you will need to start making your own prezi presentations…


Have fun 🙂


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Hello from Mr.Matthews

Posted by Mr Matthews on April 5, 2013

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all having a great Easter break. If you have done all your homework and are wanting something to keep you entertained here are some suggestions…

1) Read, read and read some more!! Remember, the more you read, the better reader you will become.

2) Do some research on the Terrible Tudors….Miss Gatland will be doing some work with you about them after the holidays.

3) Play this simulation to learn about teeth and eating…(we will be learning about this in the first week back!)….

4) Reply to this post and let us know what you have been up to so far in the holidays.

5) Practice your times table facts to help you get quicker for our next game of Penalty shoot out. Here is a game link to help you…

6) Write a short story…keep it simple but descriptive (you could even publish it on our blog!)

Enjoy the rest of your holidays

Mr. Matthews

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